Editorial & Proofreading Services
For Attorneys and Law Firms

In our world of multimedia and instant communication, good writing still matters — and our goal is to ensure that your documents are the best they can be. We offer both editing-proofreading services and editing workshops.

Our editing-proofreading services seek to give your firm’s written communications (pleadings, memoranda, contracts, press releases, blogs and firm newsletters) the polish and precision they deserve.

Our editorial team is led by Robert S. Want (see below), who brings extensive and well-rounded experience to both editing and document review. We provide affordable and fast service, customized to your needs.

Contact us by email or phone. Or if you live in the NYC area or just visiting, we would be glad to meet with you in our NYC offices. Scroll down for contact details and prices.

Editorial Services Offered
Our specialty is the communication of complex material simply and forcefully. When we undertake an editorial assignment, we seek to make sure the material is presented in a clear and concise manner and suitable for the intended audience.

Perhaps the most underrated step in the editorial process is proofreading — checking for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar including verb/tense usage. Proofreading is often the final step before the document is released to the public; and errors, even one such error, can undermine an otherwise exemplary work effort.

Proofreading may be all your document needs, and we will be glad to give it a word-by-word going over to search for errors you may have missed. Or your document may require more stylistic or substantive editorial review. Whatever your needs, we would be glad to help you meet them.

Levels of Editorial Review
Proofreading. Correcting for spelling, punctuation and grammar including verb/tense usage.  Text is not changed except to resolve grammatical errors.

Copyediting. In addition to a proofreading check, copyediting seeks to achieve consistency of style and clear up confusing or awkward writing.

Substantive Editing. Involves reorganization and rewriting as necessary to fill in any gaps in logic and ensure consistency in tone. The objective is to improve the document’s overall clarity while preserving the author’s original intent and style.

Elements of Style
In each editing project we undertake, we try to keep in mind Strunk & White’s classic The Elements of Style, the indispensable guide for those who seek to make themselves understood through written communication. Among its many tips on grammar and usage are the following:
 Write in a way that comes naturally
 Revise and rewrite
 Do not explain too much
 Be clear

It is this clarity of style that we seek to help you achieve.

Those who write and edit should have within arm’s reach at all times a copy of The Elements of Style, now in its fourth edition. For more comprehensive references on English grammar and usage, we prefer the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition), the AP Stylebook (2017), The Bluebook (20th Edition), and Bryan Garner’s The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style (3rd edition).

Prices – Cost Estimates
We strive to handle your editing needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our basic rate is $65 per hour (less for ongoing clients), but we prefer to bid for jobs on a flat-rate basis, as this enables us to focus on the job itself and not just the number of words or pages involved. Once you contact us and we have a good feel for the project, we will get back to you right away with a cost estimate. We won’t begin until you give us the go-ahead.

If you wish, you may send jobs (both large and small) on a continuing basis, and we will bill at the end of the month.

Contact Information
Our team of attorney-editors is led by Robert S. Want (see below). You may contact him by email at rwant@LegalEditor.com or by phone (212) 687-3774. We will respond to your query right away.

Also, if you are from the NYC area or just visiting, we would be glad to meet with you at our New York City offices, conveniently located adjacent to Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan.

We prefer that when you send documents to us, you do so by email attachment. Also, we request that the file be in Word or WordPerfect format, but we can accept other formats as well, including PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML. You may also fax material to us (212-687-3779) or send hard copy by postal mail or express delivery to WANT Publishing Co., 420 Lexington Ave., Suite 300, New York, NY 10170.

About Us
The editorial director is Robert S. Want, an experienced writer and editor of law and law-related documents. His specialty is the editing of complex material, making sure it is expressed in a clear and concise manner and suitable for the intended audience.

In addition to his work at LegalEditor.com, Mr. Want serves as editor of Nations Courts Online, a comprehensive reference of the nation’s courts and their operation, including federal, state and county court listings and website links and biographical information on federal judges and new judicial nominees. He is also editor of Smartphone Law Report, which reports on legal news and issues relating to the use of smartphones.

Mr. Want has worked as a researcher-editor for the Library of Congress (Congressional Research Service) and in a writing-editorial capacity for Bloomberg BNA. He has an M.A. degree (Economics) and J.D. degree, both from George Washington University (Washington, DC). Professional memberships include the American Copy Editors Society, the Society for Technical Communication (technical writing and editing), the District of Columbia Bar and the New York City Bar.

Contact Mr. Want at rwant@LegalEditor.com.

All work that a firm or individual submits to us for editing is recognized as the submitter’s intellectual property and will be held by us in the strictest confidence. We would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Unless you request otherwise, your files will be retained by us for one month after completion of the job.

LegalEditor.com (WANT Publishing Co.) offers editorial services for attorneys and law firms. We are not engaged in the practice of law and do not offer legal advice.

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